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The Shopping Worlds are Colliding, Prompting us to Change Our Name


Prior to the pandemic, online shopping made up approximately 5-10% of total sales for most grocers. As we have seen a shift during 2020, many retailers still do not believe that number will exceed 25%. What that does not include is how many shoppers are utilizing “online” to enhance their shopping experience, even while in grocery stores.


A recent Acosta survey in Supermarket News shows that 89% of shoppers use their mobile device during their shopping journey – planning before, researching and finding items during their shopping trips - especially in larger stores or when they are buying items that are familiar.


Those statistics have brought us to the belief that the shopping experience is significantly broader than the siloed focus of eCommerce or in-store and to understand that the tools and resources required to engage a customer in the new digital world must be expanded with a focus on providing a seamless customer experience between the digital and physical shopping journey.


It is with this focus in mind that we change our name from Self Point to In doing so, it more accurately reflects what we do, why we do it, and the solutions we are constantly developing for our retail partners. More importantly, our mission is helping grocers like you better engage your customers while being able to own your brand, data and relationships.


With our name change, we intently emphasize our focus on the critical tools required for you as a grocer to capitalize on this evolution. Our tools go beyond the traditional eCommerce platform include such things as:

  • dynamic personalization that adapts to the shoppers online and offline behavior

  • a focus on speed, efficiency and flexibility in the customer shopping journey that provides a tangible experience that enriches that journey

  • a fulfillment application that drives efficiency and profitability for the grocer while continuing the digital engagement with the customer.

These examples are just a taste of what our platform will provide long term - a digital solution that enables you to interact with all the customer touchpoints in this new digital and physical shopping journey while providing intelligence data to constantly improve that interaction.


Grocers need to adapt and change or their shoppers will leave them behind and it all starts with merging your entire relationship with your customers.

What are you doing to move your organization into this new “commerce” reality?  

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