Self Point partners with Weezmo

Grocery Shoppers Welcome More Personalized Online Offers with Self Point

and Weezmo Physical Market Intelligence

Our partnership will help supermarkets experience increased customer loyalty and sales.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (Sept. 19th, 2018) – Self Point, the leading digital commerce partner for supermarkets and specialty food retailers, today announces the integration of the Weezmo physical market intelligence platform to its e-commerce solution. The addition of Weezmo’s technology allows highly attuned remarketing programs based on consumers’ in-store shopping. Weezmo connects customers’ offline (in-store) shopping habits with their online identity.

“Weezmo is an ‘Amazon-like’ experience,” says Shai Raiten, CEO from Weezmo. “Despite the rise in digital marketing, 90 percent of consumer spending remains offline and disconnected. Weezmo technology helps retailers to connect and engage in-store consumers while they’re online. Retailers get a more comprehensive and holistic picture of their customers’ shopping behavior to develop personalized and relevant online communications — boosting consumers’ repeat business and sales dramatically.”

As increasingly mobile consumers browse and research online prior to making purchases, Weezmo definitively targets customers with personalized online campaigns, and links them to offline purchases. Weezmo provides retailers’ customers with a digital receipt when checking out in- store. The receipt becomes an effective marketing tool, driving traffic to social channels, offering store info, and raising brand awareness and engagement.

“Weezmo gives offline stores the right data to know their customers, make the right offer at the right time, and substantially increase conversion,” says Michael J. Haaf, CEO of Self Point. “Retargeting has become an essential element of retail strategy to attract new customers and enhance engagement. We know grocers will benefit from the integration of Self Point’s software with Weezmo, because the technology has already helped retail clients experience as much as 12 percent increase in sales and 63 percent increase in loyalty.

Self Point's exclusive partnership with Weezmo gives grocers the ability to retarget offline customers with ads for their store online. The next time customers are browsing the web, they can see an ad for the store on other websites they visit, including news sites and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

To further support the customer journey, Self Point’s e-commerce solution learns individual shopper's buying behaviors, both in-store and online, thereby enabling targeted offers to be delivered as push notifications, emails or special messages on grocers’ home pages. In addition to an electronic version of supermarkets’ existing weekly circular, Self Point facilitates the creation of shopping lists from previous orders with a single click. These lists can be created and edited from home or mobile devices seamlessly. All of the rich data is captured to continuously deepen the relationship with the shopper.

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About Weezmo

Weezmo is a physical market intelligence platform with unique technology that connects in-store and online consumer identities. Weezmo connects to any retailer's POS without integration or changes to the existing software and allows retailers to connect and engage in-store consumers online. Using Deep Learning and Big Data technologies, Weezmo enables retailers to identify their customers and know their holistic buying habits across all businesses (online AND offline). Weezmo customers use Weezmo to increase marketing effectiveness, strategic decision and discover trends that increase sales and consumer retention quickly and efficiently. For further information, visit

About Self Point

Self Point is the leading digital transformation partner for supermarkets, specialty food retailers and consumer packaged goods brands. Serving as a change agent for the industry, the Self Point team supports food retailers’ transition to online, mobile and social media markets while elevating customer experience and loyalty. The Self Point technology suite integrates point of sale and retail catalogs into a mobile-first, custom-branded e-commerce experience within days. Self Point expands grocers’ competitive advantage by making shopping easy, convenient and more personalized, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and revenues. Founded in 2012, Self Point has a growing client base including Unilever Israel, Associated Supermarkets and more. Visit to learn more.

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