SelfPoint in the Media


Do Local Merchants Stand a Chance In E-Commerce Wars With Amazon? 

Jia Wertz, JUL 29 2017  

Amazon, the Goliath of online shopping and the behemoth responsible for shuttering the doors of retail brick-and-mortar establishments, is getting into the grocery game. In the same way bookstores and clothing outlets have been asking themselves how they're going to survive, now the question is, what does this mean for small, independent grocery stores? And more importantly, how are local companies going to be able to compete with the marketing and distribution channels Amazon has in place?


Grocery Shifts To Digital As Customers Demand Online Experience 

Larry Myler, JAN 25 2017  

As an alternative to creating and maintaining an online commerce solution in-house, grocers can partner with B2B companies that provide high-quality online customer experiences that will keep them in the game. Instacart is one solution that is starting to create some traction for its grocery store clients. Another likely suspect for quick adoption is Selfpoint, which just entered the U.S. market. There will be many willing partners with viable solutions to help existing retailers compete in a quickly changing industry. Digital transformation has disrupted many markets in recent years. Now it’s grocery’s turn.