Learn how you can enjoy the sweet taste of online grocery

success with Self Point

US and European grocery retailers know ecommerce is vital to their business fortunes.

But how do you choose and deploy the right ecommerce solution for your supermarket?

Self Point has helped over 250 retailers (and growing) create profitable, easy-to-operate online grocery channels. In this White Paper, we offer insights into what it takes to build an online grocery channel that drives long-term customer value while minimizing stress on your operations - to drive long-term growth.

In this “5 Ways To Position YourOnline Grocery Business for Success” you’ll learn:

Smart solution that will stop you losing money on Fulfilment ​

How POS integration and automation can remove the nightmare of manual online ​Merchandising management


How an “open” solution that connects to 3rd party apps is key to creating an e2e platform you can truly make on your own​

Why a platform based on real-time grocery retailers experience can boost your sales ​

Why choosing a white-label solution is key to owning the customer experience

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