In 2019, consumers will buy $50 Billion of groceries online in the US.

We will have your Grocery store online within weeks. 

Simple, Beautiful, Quick.


Step 1

POS integration

SelfPoint integrates with your current POS system. Your entire catalogue, with updated pricing, is instantly online. 

Step 2

shop online

Customers place their orders on your beautiful, branded and user friendly website or app. The order comes straight through to the picker’s device.

Step 3


ready to deliver

The items are scanned from the picking device directly into your POS system as they are picked, and the order is ready to deliver in 15 minutes or less.


So, what do you have to do to set up an online grocery with SelfPoint?

Actually, nothing at all!


Other Solutions


6 Months




40 minutes


Setup time

Time to build a website

Amount of effort required from grocer

Path to purchase



Within Weeks




20 minutes

We are changing the way we shop for groceries

Those 45-minute phone orders will be cut to only 15 minutes, giving you more time to do all the other things that need your attention. 







Kosher Town

Kosher Town

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Free your precious time! 

maintain ic.png

Maintain your customer base!


Online grocery giants are quickly winning over local shoppers. Maintain your clientele by offering them the best online experience with your special and personalized service.